2021 Pansies/Violas/Fall Annuals

2021 Fall Annual & Pansy Contract Grows due by June 28!

Let's Grow Together!

We are hiring for the following positions: Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Manager, Propagation Assistant, Potter

Email resumes to dana@plantworksnursery.com

Plantworks Nursery was founded in 1978, by Douglas Chapman. From the small origins of his backyard in North Carolina, Plantworks is celebrating over 40 years of Green Industry participation. We are located in beautiful Rougemount, NC with a 40 acre farm, 8 acres of greenhouses and a total of 169 greenhouses.

Plantworks is growing neonicotinoid free.

Check Out Our Featured Plants

Verbena peruviana 'Balcadite'

Verbena Cadet Upright™ White

Combo Pot

MixMasters™ Porch Patriot Improved

Verbena peruviana 'Balfireitim'

Verbena Firehouse™ White

Ipomoea batatas 'NCORNSP-021SHJB'

Sweet Potato Proven Accents® Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black™

Scaevola aemula 'KLESC13594'

Scaevola Fairy™ Blue

Helleborus x hybridus

Helleborus Winter Jewels® Onyx Odyssey